Friday, June 22, 2012

Congrats New Officers!

A big THANK YOU to Bianca for hosting the anniversary party last night. It was such a fun get-together. Delicious food and great company!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to the new officers of our guild. The following slate was passed unanimously last night.

President: Bianca Miller
Vice President: Elyse Mullis
Treasurer: Joanie Page
Secretary: Kelleigh Bland (alt. Kat Bierma)
Charity Captain: Janet Robnet
Workshop Captain: Courtney Lyons
Swap Captain: Jennifer Mathis
Photographer / Web Manager: Karen Earnest

Mark your calendars for the next meeting, Thursday July 26. Dues ($40) will be collected for the new year 2012-2013.

See you soon!

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