Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Meeting Tonight!!!!

Our June meeting is TONIGHT via Zoom at 7pm!
Connection details have been sent via email.

Hope to see everyone there!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

A Fun Idea for UFO's!

Are you up for a new challenge? 

It seems the current state of affairs is hitting each of us in different ways!  

We are hearing that some of you are using the down time as an unexpected opportunity to sew, sew, sew - did you see all the beautiful projects in our last Show-n-Tell?  Wow!!!!  However, others are simply struggling to make it to the sewing machine.  On social media we hear a lot of, "I just seem to have lost my sew-jo!"

Whichever category you fall into - or even somewhere in between, like me - we thought it might help if we could play together.  Soooooo....... for starters, let's chat!!!!

Join us for Sit-n-Chat tonight!!!
Via Zoom at 7pm
(look for connection details in email)
THEN....get ready to bust some UFO's!

How many UFO's do YOU have?

Yes, I have a lot!!  This is 15 years' worth of UFO's - Yikes!!!!!

Let's see if we can put a "glass half full" attitude to work by whittling down that pile of bins and boxes and bags... well, you get the idea :*)

Our VP, Jane LeBlanc, shared this fun idea with the Board, and we loved it!!!  It's really, really simple, and only you know whether you are working it or not.  No competitions, no awards, no expectations... just play along if you need something to help you get that sewing vibe back on track - and if you have a closet full of UFOs LOL!

  • First, easy peasy .... Get some popsicle (craft) sticks! 

I found these awesome colorful ones at Walmart, so of course I had to buy them!!!  They also have them at Joann and probably other craft stores, and Amazon if you're not comfortable out shopping yet.  Of course, the regular wooden ones will work just fine too.

  • Next, pick out a mug, or glass, or vase, or whatever works for you to hold your sticks.  

I couldn't resist using this one my stepdad found for me at a yard sale several years ago :*)

  • Then, write the names of your UFO's, one per stick.  I even wrote down the hand-work ones, you know the ones that will take years to complete?  Even if I only get a portion of it worked on, that's better than nothing, right?

  • Finally, each month pull a stick (no peeking!) and pull that UFO bin out of the stack!

The purple ones are hard to see!
One tip - I found it really helpful to actually set up the project at my machine, so that all I have to do is sit down and start sewing when I find the time and energy to do something quilty.

As you can see, my Snooperviser is on duty!!!

I'm one of the ones who is finding it hard to make myself sew right now, so it's a big help if I don't have to think about it and go to all the trouble of setting everything up.  I'm getting a lot more done, and as I see progress on this project, I'm finding that my sew-jo is sneaking back and getting excited again!

So excited that I decided to get even further organized and added a mug for NewFO's (on the right) and To Be Quilted (on the left) as shown here in the vintage Simplicity mugs I got last year at Joann.  Oh my!  Looks like I really need to get that quilting machine back to work!!!!

So what about it?
Ready to join in?
We still have 2 weeks left in this month - you can do it!!!

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Stay safe and well everyone!
Hope to see your smiling faces at Sit-n-Chat tonight!!!

Teresa Raleigh
Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild