Thursday, April 21, 2016

April Program reminder

Our next meeting is coming up! Next Tuesday, April 26, we will meet at St. Gabriel's Catholic Church Ministry Center, Room D. Come ready to sew, as Dee presents our program. Also, as always, bring what you've been working on to show and share!

A couple of reminders from Dee about what you need to participate in the program and also info about our upcoming field trip to Springs Creative and YLI Thread:

"On Tuesday, April 26, our CMQG program will be having “fun with felted wool”as
we create a mug rug, glasses case or a pin cushion. Please bring your hand-sewing box
with several sized needles, scissors, sewing thread (dark and light color)and a bit
of traceable fusible web if you have some. There will be instructions to follow for
your design or you can be the designer and do your own thing.Just come ready to sew.
You will love this incredible fabric.
There will also be maps available for our Thursday, April 29th field trip to Rock Hill
to visit the YLI thread company (morning) and Springs Creative (afternoon.)We will
also meet for lunch at Amelie’s in the historic Rock Hill downtown area if you are
interested. We need a count of those coming so please be ready to commit on Tuesday

If you will not be attending Tuesday evening the addresses of our tours are as follows:
        YLI - 1439 Dave Lyle Blvd, Rock Hill
        Springs Creative - 300 Chatham Ave, #100, Rock Hill
        Amelie's - 157 E. Main Street, Rock Hill"
Thanks, Dee, and program committee for organizing all of this! Hope to see you all on Tuesday. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

March meeting

Our co-prez, Kelleigh Bland opened the meeting and welcomed guests. We're always glad to have guests and hope that newcomers find our guild to be welcoming and fun, as well as informative and encouraging!

Discussion Topic: Library Resources, report by Xandi Hamilton
Xandi talked about our library resources and the way our library will work. She will bring featured resources from the library each month to highlight the items of interest and to keep from transporting the entire collection to each meeting. A full list of all of the DVDs, Books, and Magazines are posted on the web site and available for members review.Click here to see the list. (Tool bar under our blog heading).

Guild members encouraged to check out resources and be willing to offer a review on the resource to the group. A book review format is provided. Anyone wanting to purchase a book, provide a book review and donate the book/resource to the library is encouraged to do so.

Xandi provided our first book review and challenge to the guild members.  

She reviewed the book, Vintage Quilt Revival by Katie Blakesley and Lee Heinrich. The point of this book is taking traditional quilt blocks and making them modern with different design choices. With this traditional/modern idea in mind, we have a guild challenge based on the book review and an inventory of past date and very traditional quilting magazines.  

The idea is that members take home a quilt magazine from our collection and find something in their magazine to reinterpret in a more modern way. It can be step by step instructions followed in modern fabric, a block simplified, or even something completely different that they were inspired to make from something they saw. It could be from a pattern provided, a quilt shown in a featured article, or even something from an advertisement. The nice thing about this is there will be something for every skill level.

At the April meeting, Those who participated would do a show and tell of the picture that inspired them and show what they made. It could be a mini, a mug rug, a quilt, a raw block they never intend to do anything with, whatever they want. The magazine and the item they made is theirs to keep.

Taking a magazine in March does not imply a commitment to make something – we're glad for those magazines to be gone. But if you took one and are inspired, we'll enjoy seeing your modern reinterpretation of a traditional quilting design/motif/idea/pattern/whatever! 

Our second book review of the evening was Delia's review of City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks by Tula Pink. 

Thanks for the reviews, Xandi and Delia. Keep reading, everybody,  and sharing your favorite books with us! 

Swaps for April

Name Tags

Secret Sister Swap - If you participated in the secret sister swap, the final swap will be at the April meeting.

Modern Fat quarters or, bring approximate sized material to swap in modern fabrics; solids or blends that go with modern fabric. For every fabric you bring, you get to choose a fabric to take home.

Upcoming Program for our April meeting on Tuesday, April 26

Felted Wool pin cushion or mug rug  tutorial led by Dee Wittmack.
Bring a small sewing kit with scissors, thread, and pins.Dee will provide the felted wool and stuffing

Tour of YLI and Springs Creative, Thursday, April 28th

11:45 a.m. optional lunch at Amalie’s in Rock Hill
1:00 p.m. tour YLI thread company
2:30 p.m. tour Springs Creative

If you want to participate, please comment on the blog post, facebook post, or via our guild email.

June meeting on Tuesday, June 28th

Mark your calendars now. At our June meeting we will have special guest, Lynne Brown from Coats and Clark who will talk thread with us.

That's all the announcements for now. Next post, pictures from our March Program and Show and Share. Special thanks to Susan Austin for taking notes and pictures at our March meeting since I was down east in North Carolina, cycling and enjoying the beautiful spring flowers, rivers and creeks, and good food in New Bern!