Thursday, April 21, 2016

April Program reminder

Our next meeting is coming up! Next Tuesday, April 26, we will meet at St. Gabriel's Catholic Church Ministry Center, Room D. Come ready to sew, as Dee presents our program. Also, as always, bring what you've been working on to show and share!

A couple of reminders from Dee about what you need to participate in the program and also info about our upcoming field trip to Springs Creative and YLI Thread:

"On Tuesday, April 26, our CMQG program will be having “fun with felted wool”as
we create a mug rug, glasses case or a pin cushion. Please bring your hand-sewing box
with several sized needles, scissors, sewing thread (dark and light color)and a bit
of traceable fusible web if you have some. There will be instructions to follow for
your design or you can be the designer and do your own thing.Just come ready to sew.
You will love this incredible fabric.
There will also be maps available for our Thursday, April 29th field trip to Rock Hill
to visit the YLI thread company (morning) and Springs Creative (afternoon.)We will
also meet for lunch at Amelie’s in the historic Rock Hill downtown area if you are
interested. We need a count of those coming so please be ready to commit on Tuesday

If you will not be attending Tuesday evening the addresses of our tours are as follows:
        YLI - 1439 Dave Lyle Blvd, Rock Hill
        Springs Creative - 300 Chatham Ave, #100, Rock Hill
        Amelie's - 157 E. Main Street, Rock Hill"
Thanks, Dee, and program committee for organizing all of this! Hope to see you all on Tuesday. 

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