Monday, April 29, 2013

April Meeting Recap

1.  Revised Bylaws, New Officers & Committees:

April's meeting included discussing a change in our bylaws to allow for an additional year of an officer's term (should the guild and the officer agree on the second term).  It appeared that everyone was in favor of this idea and Bianca will be drafting the new bylaws shortly.  They will be posted on the blog.

With this bylaw change forthcoming we discussed officers for the next guild year (July 2013 - June 2014).  The following is the list of our nominated officers.  If you are interested in serving in a position or helping with a committee please raise your hand.  We would love to get many people involved!  We will vote on the nominations at our May meeting.

President:    Bianca Miller
Vice President:    Elizabeth Busschek
Treasurer:    Elizabeth Phillippi
Secretary (Web):    Karen Ernest

Program Committee (Chaired by VP):
Jennifer Bland
Amanda Murphy

Swap Committee:
Elyse Mullis
Joyce Mullis

Elaine Novak

THANK YOU to everyone that graciously agreed to serve.  Also a HUGE THANK YOU to Bianca for agreeing to serve a second term.  We love your energy and cheery smile each month!!

2.  MQG Upcoming Changes
The Modern Quilt Guild will be changing its membership plan starting in the next year or so.  They will be collecting funds from the local guilds (like our guild) to fund various expenses such as the national MQG web and a few other staff positions.  We will need to vote as a guild to decide if we want to be affiliated with the national organization or switch to a nonaffiliated guild.  No decision is needed right away but Bianca wanted everyone to be informed of the upcoming changes.  We discussed the pros and cons and will decide at a later date.

3.  Quilt Shows & Workshops
Amanda Murphy shared some of the great projects included in her upcoming book.  It looks like a great, fresh take on holiday sewing.

Amanda will be teaching a workshop through the local Charlotte Quilt Guild in July (7/11/13).  If you are interested please contact that guild this week to see if spots are available.   Link to CQG Program Page

There are several local quilt shows coming up in the next few months.  Many of our members are also members in other guilds and it is great to hear of these upcoming shows.

August 16 & 17, 2013  Lake Norman Quilters
Talbert Recreation Center  
210 Talbert Point Drive  Mooresville, NC 28117

October 11-12 2013  Foothills Quilt Fest 2013
LeGrand Center  Cleveland Community College  
1800 East Marion St.  Shelby NC 28150

4.  May Swap - Pillows
The May swap will be pillow covers.  A sign up sheet was passed around for those interested.  If you did not sign-up but would like to participate please email us.

Information on the May meeting will be coming shortly.  We are working on options for a meeting space where we could meet each month.  If you know of a good space please email us.  Right now we often need to switch from place to place due to availability.  Having a set space on a set night each month would be wonderful.

Have a wonderful week,

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