Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Swap For Someone You Love

At Thursday's meeting we will talk about an upcoming swap that should be lots of fun! You can sign up at Thursday's meeting or email Xandi (see form and email below) if you can't attend the meeting but want to participate.

Here are the details from Xandi:

(get partners in July, item due in September)
Get partners in August, item due in October

This idea was born because I was thinking about how we never get to make cute kid things in swaps. So here’s an easy, fun, and different swap for you: you write down a loved one (human or animal!) who you would like to receive a swap item for, and some things about them and what they might like. I’ll shuffle and redistribute the papers and your secret partner will make something (anything they want) for you and bring it (or have someone deliver it) at the September meeting. The item could be for your pet, child, niece, etc. I classify this swap as ‘easy’ because the maker can choose from a wide range of projects and can pick something within their skill and comfort level. But here’s a great chance to challenge yourself with something new if you are ready!

Some examples:
‘I’d like anything for my unborn (due this winter), sex still unknown child’ – partner could make bibs, receiving blankets, a diaper changing roll and wipes carrier, etc.
‘My four year old granddaughter, Elle, is very girly’ – partner could make a simple pillowcase dress, a baby doll quilt, a dress-up purse with her name embroidered on it, etc.
‘I have two crazy Golden Retrievers’ – partner could make tug toys with knots, a stuffie, placemats, collar and leash, etc.

If you’d like to participate but cannot make the July meeting, please email the information below to Xandi at before the meeting to be put in the draw. I know it’s late - you can email me after the meeting, too; if there are enough people interested I will assign a second round of names.

Your name:
Your email:
Description of recipient:
        If a person – age, gender, relationship to you, personality, likes & dislikes:
        If a pet – type, gender, size/weight, personality, likes & dislikes:

Several ideas for item to be made (partner does not have to make one, just suggestions):

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