Friday, March 28, 2014


There were some amazing journals in our swap this week and thirteen people played along!!  Xandi has 2 great swaps coming up and complete details are below.  Key dates to note:

Sewing Room Swap - Bring completed item to the April meeting for our swap.

WIP Swap - Bring your WIP to the April meeting.  We will then have 2 months to turn them into completed projects.

Here are the complete details from Xandi...

CLT MQG Sewing Room Swap
Due April 24th – choose ONE (you're welcome to sew more than one! For each item you sew you get to take an item home.)

For this swap, please focus on using MODERN, QUILT-SHOP QUALITY fabrics. Don't stress too much about that, though! If you’re unsure, solids (not batiks or blenders) are always a safe go-to.

Pincushion and Thread Catcher - Elizabeth from Oh, Fransson!

Sewing Machine Cover – Jennifer from Ellison Lane Quilts
(Any design you want, sewing machine not required!)

Scrap Basket Set – Christina from Sometimes Crafter

and for the WIP project:
At our next meeting on April 24th, we will start a swap that involves your WIPs. These are "Works in Progress", those bits of things you have lying around that you don't think you will ever get to finishing. I have a million. They can be in any state - maybe you bought a pattern and some fabric, maybe you cut out a bunch of fabric and lost the urge to do anything, or maybe you have a stack of bee blocks that you have no idea what to do with. Don't worry that the WIP is not good enough or modern enough or anything like that. The fun challenge of this swap will be that the recipient of your WIP will think creatively to turn it into something they love for themselves. These do not have to start or end as quilts - tote bags, mug rugs, pin cushions - anything goes.

Please bring a WIP with you to the April meeting for the swap. If you have more than one to give, or if you don't have time for a swap but have a WIP(s) you can donate, please bring them. Although the concept is foreign to me, I hear we have members that actually finish the things they start. Shocking ;-). These extra WIPs will be added to the pile so that these other more diligent sewists can play along!

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