Monday, August 4, 2014

August BOM and Links for the Apron Swap

Jenn and Vickie made three different samples (actually they went a little crazy having too much fun and made 5 blocks, but only three different ways).
Here are the instructions they followed when making their blocks.  For the block, they used: 

(1) 7" x 7" white as the center block
(2) 3.5" x 7" 
(2) 3.5" x 13

(The red strips in the attachment are what their 3.5" strips are for).
Cut the bock in half (at the 6.5" mark) and again to come up with the four pieces, sew with white blocks in the corners.  

The examples shown below are:

1 block using all the same border
1 block using only two colors (the same colors on the 7" strips and the same on the 13" strips)
1 block using all four different colors

The link below will take you to a tutorial for this block: 

Also, Cindi presented our next swap for us!  If you would like to participate in the swap here are some links that will help you get started. Bring your finished apron to the August meeting and swap it out for another lovely one made by a guild member!  

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