Saturday, August 29, 2015

August Meeting Recap

We had a great crowd at the August meeting, it sure was great to see you all there!

We covered a lot of ground, I am going to try to get it all down so we remember what we need to be getting done!

First, let's start with a look at some of the great finishes you all shared with the group!  

Alright, here's the link with all of the information about printing on fabric from Vicki's presentation at the beginning of August:  Fabric Printing at Home

There will be no more quilt blocks for the charity quilt.  Instead we are using those orphan blocks to make placemats for the Friendship Tray program.  The instructions for the placemats are on the post before this one, so go back one post and you will find everything you need.

Our program for the August meeting was about Improv with Intent.  We participated in a webinar by Cheryl Arkison, which helped us understand a little more about the Improv process.  This will help us along as we work on the QuiltCon Charity Quilt, more on that in a minute.

There are some basic steps to remember as we use the Improv technique in our quilting:
1. Examine our inspiration
2. Pull fabric
3. Sketch
4. Cut fabric
5. Sew. Play.
6. Stop and Step back
7. Keep Sewing
8. Piece it together

At the September meeting we will be working together in small groups to pull together a quilt for the MQG QuiltCon Charity quilt.  We will be bringing our ideas, inspirations, fabric (in QuiltCon colors), and hand sewing supplies. You are free to work on your ideas/blocks/segments at home and bring what you have to the meeting as well.  We will be basting our pieces together and Xandi will take them home to piece.  Some of the inspirational ideas thrown about at the meeting were:  Mountains to Sea, State themed ideas; ie. state flower, bird etc; The Queen City and Charlotte Traffic.   Here is a link with details about the quilt as well as a list of the colors required, broken down by manufacturer:  QuiltCon Charity Quilt Info  Please note, that you can bring in solids or prints, but they must be the correct color!  Please also bring some mats and rotary cutters to the next meeting, so we can slash away! 

If you have a Secret Sewing Sister, please bring her goodies to the next meeting. 

Also, if you drew a name for the Nametag Swap, please make and bring the nametag to the September meeting!  

Last but by no means least, Auction Items for St. Gabe's are due at the September meeting.  Please bring something for them as a way to thank them for the FREE space the are so gracious to provide for us every month! 

Okay, I think that covers everything!  

Meetings: 6-8 pm at St. Gabriel's Church. 

September 29th
October 27th
No meeting in November
December 15th


  1. Visited there last weekend with a group of friends to rent a space for an event, and had all the fun we could handle. I really like the ambiance at this place. There's a decent draft beer selection at a reasonable price and the bartenders are good at what they do.

  2. I have no idea what the previous comment is about. If our guild had a decent draft beer selection, I definitely wouldn't have moved. =)
    I miss you ladies already!! The guild here is full of old biddies!