Saturday, March 12, 2016

Librarian's Corner

Did you know that our guild has a lending library? We have books and DVDs about sewing and quilting that you can take home for as long as you like – no due dates or renewals. But it is HEAVY, you guys, so we are making some changes this year. Read on ...

A list of everything in the library is posted on our website. Click on the CLTMQG Library tab at the top of the page, just under our logo, to see the list of ALL the books and other items that are in the library. If you want to check something out, just send us an email at with "Library" in the subject line. Tell us what book or other item you'd like you’d like to borrow and we will bring it to the next guild meeting. 

Additionally, our librarian will bring a themed selection of books to highlight at each meeting – maybe applique one month and art quilts the next.

Another feature we are adding this year is book reviews – and we’d like to hear them from you! If you have a quilting related book you love, please volunteer to tell us all about it at a guild meeting. If you’d like to donate a copy of the book to the CLT MQG library as well we would love that, but it is not necessary. There are so many different aspects of sewing and quilting and so many different books about all of them – we’d like to hear from our friends which ones we should be sure not to miss!

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