Tuesday, August 28, 2018

       August 2018 Meeting Recap

           Donations were brought and will still be accepted next month for Women’s Club. 
Sherri Lynn Wood lecture and class is being proposed for Friday March 29thand Saturday March 30th.  Votes were taken on which classes to sign up for. Patchwork Doodle and Model Improv were the winners!  We will be able to accommodate 20 people.  A cost will be determined on after we see how many members are interested at the next meeting.  We will be able to accommodate 20 people.  We will be able to sell the Sherri Lynn Wood books.
The Pineapple Class was fun! A very special thank you to Loretta for all of her hard work putting together this event.
           Days for Girls brought to the table for discussion.  Bring fabric donations to the next meeting: Minimum usable sizes of 10”x12” and 15”x30”, darker colored cotton flannel and cotton can be patterned. (No eyeballs, camo, animals or characters)
Quiltcon Charity Quilt 2019

We will sew pieces together at the September meeting!  Bring machines, cutters, mats, irons, etc.
2017 and 2018 charity quilts were donated to The Relatives.
           Label presentation by Loretta. See email attachment for presentation notes!

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