Tuesday, September 20, 2016

August update and September plans!

Guild friends - just a few notes from our August meeting and a reminder for our next meeting ...

Coats and Clark did our July program. They wanted us to know about an exhibit they are sponsoring. Wild Fabrications features 38 art quilts created by textile artists from around the world. These stunningly vivid and masterfully crafted quilts feature nature themes, portraying animals both realistically and imaginatively in a riot of vibrant colors, patterns and textures. The intricate detail and dimensionality of these stitched works will delight, inspire, and fascinate children and adults alike. The exhibit is at the York County Culture and Heritage Museum from October 11, 2016 until February 26, 2017.

We will be electing new officers at our October meeting. We need to elect and president and vice-president (or two co-presidents), Treasurer, Program Planning Committee, and Swaps Committee. If you are interested in serving in any of these roles, please contact the guild via our gmail -cltmqg@gmail.com

We have a library and it's full of great quilting books! But, we have more than we need. We'll have a sale in October and pass on some of our library books for $1. If you have books in your own collection that you'd either like to sell or donate to the guild to sell or add to the library, bring them to the October meeting.

Our program for August was a Webinar from the Modern Quilt Guild entitled Definition: Modern Quilts with Mary Fons. It was very interesting and informative. If you'd like to view it, you can do so at this link. 

Our upcoming September meeting - A Sew In!

For our September meeting, we will have a sew in to make more placemats for Friendship Trays. Bring any orphan blocks that you have and we will turn them into placemats. Feel free to bring your sewing machine, if it's portable, other fabric for making placemats, batting, thread, scissors, and whatever tools you have to share. 

We'll have extension cords and power strips, ironing boards and irons.

It will be a fun evening that you won't want to miss!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

A gift from the Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild

We received an email last week from the Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild offering one of their "blue heart" quilts for the family of Officer Brackeen, a Shelby police officer, who was killed this past week. We were so moved by the compassion and generosity of the Fort Worth Guild.

Please read:

"We heard about the horrible shooting of Officer Brackeen in Shelby and would like to extend one of our blue heart quilts to the officer's family.  We (Dallas and Fort Worth MQG's) have had so much support for our fallen and injured officers that we would like to return the kindness.  Many Carolina quilters sent in blocks to help with our #quiltsforpeace initiative.

Through the initiative, not only have we given quilts to our officers and family members, we have sent quilts to Baton Rouge MQG and San Diego MQG for their fallen and injured officers.  On the map you look to be the local MQG for Shelby. If this is correct, we are asking if you would accept one of our #quiltsforpeace and pass it along to the Shelby Police Department so they can give it to the Brackeen family."

Thank you, Fort Worth quilters. We will be honored to deliver this very special gift to the Brackeen family.

August meeting, Show and Share

 Just a few of the lovely quilts that were shared at our August meeting:

Kelleigh's alphabet quilt, front and back

Diane has been making small squares with a red center for a while. Here are some of the ways she used those squares in quilts.

 Dee's, Debbie's, and Iris's  beautiful quilts!

Mark your calendar now for our September meeting. 
Tuesday, September 27, from 6-8 at St. Gabriel's Catholic Church

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Upcoming August Meeting!

Our regular monthly meeting is this Tuesday, August 30, from 6-8 PM at St. Gabriel's Catholic Church, Ministry Center, Room D.

As always, bring your projects, finished and unfinished, to show and share!

Our program will be one of the Modern Quilt Guild's Creative Webinars: Definition of Modern Quilt with Mary Fons.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July Meeting Show and Share

Guild friends - I hated to miss the gathering at Quilted Thimble Cottage last night, but duty called. After a couple of full days, moving my 89 and 84 year old parents into a smaller home, it was a delight to see these photos in my inbox this morning! Thanks for Jessie for taking them and sending them my way, so I can share them with you. For all of you who were at the meeting last night, feel free to comment with details, captions and oohs and ahs. More to come on upcoming swaps, meetings, and more!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

June Program - Coats and Clark - All About Thread!

Our Program for the month was Lynn Browne from Coats and Clark. Lynne talked about thread and all the different kinds that are out there for almost every job. She was kind enough to bring some freebies in for us all. Her handout included a Thread Catalog, showing their full line of threads. She highlighted some of their threads including General Purpose, Paper Piecing, Hand Quilting, Outdoor, Jeans and Topstitching and Glow in the Dark threads. Who knew there were sooo many different kinds of threads. Lynn had multiple sample projects showing each kind of thread and we learned a lot!

Visit the Coats website at  http://www.makeitcoats.com 

and their blog at http://coatsandclarksewingsecrets.com/

Lynn Brown from Coats and Clark with all her thread and one of several sample quilts!

June's Show and Share:

Liz's quilt from left over sari fabric scraps
 Debbie's quilt for a guy

 A Rainbow Charity quilt for Pulse

 A beautiful red work quilt made from 2.5 inch strips that a friend was tired of! So beautiful!

June meeting update

Now that we've all got July's meeting on the calendar, how about an update from last month?! Thanks to Jessie and Kelleigh for the pictures and notes, since I was unable to be at the meeting.

Hi All! Hope you are all surviving the weather. It is certainly July in the South. I say stay in and spoil your sewing machine with lots of attention. Here is the run down from the meeting last month. 

-We were able to renew the church for the coming year. The dates for meetings are: July 26, Aug 30, Sept 27, Oct 25, Dec 6, Jan 31, Feb 28, Mar 28, Apr 25, May 30, Jun 27 

-We talked about supporting the Orlando MQG with heart blocks in rainbow colors for the victims of Pulse. You can register online if you would like to donate or you can bring the hearts into the next meeting where Kelleigh will gather them and mail them for us as a group. The link for more information about this is at the Modern Quilt Guild website.

-We talked about Quiltcon and those who were going. If you are going, let us know what classes you signed up for. We would love to live vicariously through you!

-There is a new Quiltcon Charity Quilt submission, "Playing with Scale and How to Use It." We are going to talk about it at our July meeting. Read about the charity quilt for Quiltcon here and come with ideas!

-Carolyn brought in the Friendship Trays Newsletter that included an article about the placemat donations we make to them. It’s nice to see these are appreciated by those who are receiving them.

-Elections are coming in October, please speak up if you are interested in serving in any way. New terms start in January.

-Swap for July (this coming Tuesday!) – Bag with a vinyl see through pocket. There are several free patterns and many styles. Any "see through" bag is perfect. Bring one to share and take a new one home.

Pattern suggestions for the swap:
www.craftsy.com “What’s in Your Bag” pattern.http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/quilting/accessory/the-whats-in-your-bag-bag/150788?_ctp=150788&_ct=iuqhsx-kdyluhiqb-huikbj-fqjjuhd&NAVIGATION_PAGE_CONTEXT_ATTR=PATTERN


Next post - a recap of our program from June!