Monday, November 2, 2020

Friday, October 23, 2020

October News!!!

*    October meeting:  Next Tuesday, October 27 @ 6:30pm

Valeria Rainey, Viewer’s Choice winner at the 2019 Charlotte Quilt Guild Show, will be sharing her quilting journey with us!  Valeria’s quilts are unique and hint at beautiful stories, and we are all excited to hear those stories!  Zoom connection details emailed to membership.

*    Sneak Peek at our December Holiday party….

We will be exchanging recipes and thought it would be good to give you some details in advance so you can be thinking about which recipe you would like to contribute.  So get your thinking caps on!!!!

·       “Quick and Dirty but Delicious!”

·       Recipes are to be typed up and emailed to Jane as part of the email or in a Word attachment to the email.  Jane will compile them and forward to Teresa who will then put it all in pdf form for forwarding to the membership.

·       One recipe per member

·       Appetizers and Desserts only

·       Must be submitted to Jane by November 20

·       During the meeting, members will tell what is special, memorable, or especially tasty about their submitted recipe.

*    Sewing machine for sale….

Janome Horizon memory Craft, 8900 QCP.

One owner, in excellent condition, 7 yrs old.

I just bought a used new machine and that’s why I’m selling it.

I’m asking $1300.

Contact details emailed to membership.


That’s it for now!

See you all Tuesday


Monday, October 19, 2020

We Met In Person!!!!

It was the first time we were able to see each other face-to-face ... or should I say "mask-to-mask" LOL!!!  

 Here are a few of the wonderful Show-N-Tell photos from our fun visit together in the parking lot!

We are hoping to do this again next month - what FUN!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2020



Come and visit together TOMORROW!!!!

We are getting together informally IN PERSON for the first time tomorrow, and we'd love to see all of you there!
  • Saturday, October 17th from 2-4pm
  • Bring your own chair, drink and wear a mask!!!
  • Meet in the far west corner of the St Gabriel church parking lot in front of the school
  • Eve will be collecting your completed quilts/backpacks and bringing new kits for those who need them.  PLEASE let her know how many you need!!!
Hoping to see you there!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Are you working on those UFO’s??

 September Guild Meeting

Tuesday 9/29 at 6:30 pm via Zoom
Remember that change in time!
Connection details emailed to members.
This is our month to focus on The UFO Challenge!

Have you had fun with this? We want to hear all your UFO stories!!! For instance....
  • Have you found a method for handling your UFO’s that’s been working for you?
  • How long have they been languishing in the dark?
  • Are you finding yourself abandoning more of them than you are keeping?
  • Did you find a forgotten treasure buried in the heap?
  • Did anyone actually finish up ALL their UFO’s? (And what’s your secret?)
  • And last, but not least, what are you going to do with all those empty project boxes???? 🙀
The owner of this UFO stash is currently in hiding from The Quilt Police ...
We are looking forward to seeing all your lovely UFO’s that are no longer languishing but now shining in the spotlight - and maybe even a FO or two!!! Of course, in order for us to see them, you have to SEND PHOTOS!!!! Yes, we’ve received a few, but I know there are some of you who are waiting until the last minute, hoping to get that last stitch in and call it finished - you know who you are LOL!!! 

Okay, so “last minute” will be Monday evening, September 28. Email your photos to by the end of Monday in order to have them included in our Show-N-Tell presentation. 
Until then -
Keep Stitchin' !!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Upcoming CLTMQG Events!

We’ve got a lot going on!
Here’s a list of things to be aware of and put on your calendar 🤗

* Charity Pickup/Dropoff this coming Saturday 9/12 from 2:00 to 2:30pm. NOTE: this time is different from previous months. Eve will park in the corner of the parking lot closest to Providence Road. Also, she requests that you let her know how many quilt/bag kits you need in advance so she can be sure she has enough for everyone.

* Our September Sit-n-Chat via Zoom will be next Tuesday 9/15 at 7pm. Come join us for conversation and a good catch-up with everyone! Connection details have been emailed to members.

* We hope you are all working on your UFO Challenge and taking lots of pictures to share with us at the September meeting! Just a reminder that you don’t have to have a completed UFO in order to share - we’d love to see your progress photos too!!! Jane would like you to share the year you started if you can remember 🤗  Send photos to

Happy Sewing!!!