Monday, July 9, 2018

June 2018 Meeting Recap

Business Updates

-Anita Grossman Soloman lecture is Thursday July 26that 6 pm and is taking the place of our usual monthly meeting. Guests will need to pay $5 to attend.
-Anita Grossman Soloman class is Friday July 27th. Marketing will be sent out via email and Facebook.
-Link to see class info:
-Link for class supply list:
-Possibility of Sherri Lynn Wood lecture and 2 classes in March next year.

Show and tell

-See Facebook for pictures!

Quiltcon Charity Quilt 2019 Discussion 


Small piecing is the theme. We have chosen to go with stripes which must be smaller than 1” in one direction. Fabric was given out to volunteers to bring back finished pieces August meeting. We will be sticking to the fabric given out in the meeting (not adding from your own stashes). The background will be aqua. Starching helps! J We will consider having a sew-in in September to work with these pieces.

Other Business

-Considerations for where Charity Quilt to be donated. Ellen will call Ronald McDonald House and The Relatives to see if they are accepting donations of quilts.
-Bring donations for women’s club in August and September please! Small usable items are appreciated.
-We discussed what machines people use/love and why.
-Days for Girls considered. Will follow up next meeting.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

May 2018 Meeting Updates

(No April update since we had Cheryl Brickey trunk show.)

Business Updates
There was no interest in a pin cushion class by Cheryl Brickey.
Friday July 27th is the Anita Grossman Soloman Two Color Pineapple class. The cost is $70 for members. Please bring payment to the next meeting if you are interested in attending. Details to follow.
*If you are interested in attending, please email for further information.
A sew-in at Project 658 this month.
Potential for a Sherri Lynn Wood class in 2019, interest will be polled in the future.
QuiltCon Charity Quilt theme is small piecing. We looked at some inspiration pieces and decided on a turquoise background.
A retreat is being tabled for 2019.
October 8 is the Women’s Club event. Donations should be turned in in August. They are looking for smaller usable objects (as opposed to quilts) such as placemats, pot holders, tote bags, make-up bags, etc. The women’s club is on the 3rd floor of the St. Gabriel's Catholic Church in the Ministry Center and is open until 4pm on weekdays.

We worked on placemats for the remainder of the meeting.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

March 2018 Meeting Recap

Updates on business:

Cheryl Brickey of Meadow Mist Design ( will be visiting during our next meeting for a trunk show! She will kick-off our meeting, so don’t be late!

Sew in:
When: April 14th, 9am
Where: Project 658 Center, 3646 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205
Details: Some machines are available, but please bring your own machine if possible. Cords are not needed; mats and tools are available but worn if you are picky. You are welcome to either bring a bagged lunch or eat out that day.

Retreat: no updates this meeting.

Show: Beth is in contact with 7th Street Public Market. They’ve suggested a walking tour throughout city, mentioned the 250th anniversary of founding of Charlotte, and dates of potentially late summer or early Fall. All TBD.

March Challenge: Teal and Black: See Facebook to see participants’ work. We had 8 participants!

April Challenge: ‘Make Do’ challenge fabrics were drawn.
“Using items that you would otherwise discard or take to Goodwill, make a small quilt of your own choosing. It can use any type of pattern or piecing you choose or be totally improv.  It can be any size up to 36 x 36 inches. Items that you might use could include old shirts, trousers, old table linens, t-shirts, or other clothing items. We are not talking about using up old fabric from your stash but old clothing or other items you would discard.
For inspiration, take a look at the website of Sherry Lynn Wood, especially these pages:
We watched Craftsy’s Patchwork Nation series “Episode 2: From Trash to Treasure” during our meeting (must be a Craftsy member to view).

Debbie Rieck shared the opportunity to tour the Baxter Mill Archives April 17th 9:30
with a group. A follow up email was sent just after the meeting extending the invitation from the Charlotte Smocking Art Guild.

Loretta presented an opportunity for a lecture/workshop by Anita Grossman Soloman for July 26-27. ( max of ~20 people.

Block of the Month (Feb MQG Block Study) see Facebook for pictures. We had 5 participants.

Show and tell – see Facebook for pictures!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

February 2018 Meeting Recap

Updates on business:
Dianne has found 3 potential options so far for a retreat. We will discuss times and pricing at a later date.
Beth has confirmed Saturday April 14th is available for us to schedule a sew-in at Project 658's space. Details to follow at the next meeting.
Challenge details were sent out in an email and posted on the blog.
January Block of the Month had 4 participants.
Don’t forget to pay your dues!

Members recommended the following:
            The book “WALK: Master Machine Quilting with Your Walking Foot”
            The documentary ”Men of the Cloth”

Upcoming events:
May 2nd Christa Watson is coming to the Charlotte Quilters’ Guild.
See for more details.
May 31- June 3 The North Carolina Quilt Symposium in Asheville
See for more details.

See Facebook for show and tell pictures.

We had an overview and discussion of QuiltCon Results. See
to keep looking!

We watched “Fresh Quilting Episode 203: Walking Foot Spiral by Christina Cameli” (