Friday, September 7, 2012

September Swap- Mug Rugs!

It's swap time and our theme for September is Mug Rugs.
So what's a mug rug anyway?

Well, it's a small quilt - somewhere in between a coaster and a placemat. It's usually between 4" x 6" and 6" x 8" but the size is flexible.

What do you do with it? Well, it's a snack mat; a place to put your drink and some cookies.  It's also looks cute.

It's a great way to showcase some favorite fabrics, a small design or block or some hand-sewing skills.

Since Courtney did such a great job teaching foundation paper piecing last month, we would love for you to give paper piecing a try for this swap. It is not mandatory but it is FUN! 

We hope you'll feel inspired and give it a try. 
For more info on paper piecing and links to free patterns, click here

This will be a partnered swap. Names were put into a pot and drawn out two at a time. The two names became partners and you will make a mug rug for your partner.

Partners are:
Susan Austin & Jen Bland
Bianca Miller & Jennifer Mathis
Courtney Lyons & Liz Harris
Fran Lyons & Cindi Woody
Gail Toliver & Elizabeth Phillippi
Elyse Mullis & Karen Ernest
Kat Bierma & Kelleigh Bland
Joanie Page & Jennifer Mathis

Creating a flickr mosaic is optional. We'll have a tutorial on how to do this at the September meeting.

If you would like to create a flickr mosaic of the type of things you like to inspire your partner,  click HERE for a tutorial.

Here are a few mug rugs to inspire you!

source: Marianne 
Source: via Marianne on Pinterest
source: Mug Rug by Katie of Swim, Bike, Quilt
Source: via Jennifer Mathis on Pinterest
source: Better Off Thread
Source: via Jennifer Mathis on Pinterest
source: jm1122
Source: via Jennifer Mathis on Pinterest

Mug Rugs will be due at the September meeting on the 27th so please bring it with you to the meeting that night. We'll show them off and present them to your partners.

Have fun!

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