Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Red Cross Tote Bags - Want a really easy version?

I have not been very motivated to sew lately.  I think the hustle and bustle of the summer zapped my creativity.  However, after the meeting the other week I was inspired to come home and get sewing!  I love the sew-n-tell and hearing what you are making, patterns to try, books to see...

I decided to start by making a tote bag for the Red Cross program.  I wanted a tutorial that was EASY, quick and makes a nice size bag.  A little "googling" on the web and I found this tutorial:


Easy - check
Quick - check
Good size - check

A couple notes if you use this tutorial:
- I used interfacing on the exterior, lining and straps.  I like bags with some structure to them.

- Step 5 shows the "boxing" of the corners.  She does not specify a distance, but I used 2.5" up from the point and that worked well.

It feels good to be sewing,
Karen E.

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