Tuesday, February 5, 2019

QuiltCon 2019 Charity Quilt

Our Charity Quilt is off to QuiltCon 2019!

Background on the Charity Challenge taken from QuiltCon publication: "The QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge requires participating guilds to work collaboratively to create quilts using a predetermined color palette and design style.  The quilts sewn in their entirety by each guild, from design and piecing through quilting and binding, to produce complete twin sized quilts.  After the quilts are exhibited at QuiltCon, guilds donate their quilts to a charity in  their community.

The 2019 design theme is small piecing.  You have probably noticed some modern quilters using small piecing in recent designs.  While it can be hard to define, small piecing would incorporate fabric pieces that are smaller than  1 inch in either width or length. The small piecing can be improvisationally pieced, traditionally or foundation pieced. The quilt doesn't need to be exclusively small piecing.  Small piecing must be an integral part of the design, but you can incorporate other modern design elements such as negative space, to make the challenge more approachable."

And that we did!  We started brainstorming in May 2019 during our guild meeting.  Everyone took fabric home and came back the following meeting with their small piecing. 
At another meeting we continued to design and piece the top. We finished  the top during one our sew in fellowship time held on a Saturday.  Our member Delia Dorn did a fabulous job with machine quilting. 

See below our beautiful Quilt!  Can't wait to see it at QuiltCon!

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