Sunday, March 29, 2020

Quiltalongs and Show-n-Tell 3/29/20

March is almost over - Wow - what a month!!!  I think we need to remind March what the term "lion" means again LOL!  Let's hope April is more kind and gives us a break, right?  To brighten your day, we are again passing along some free quilty projects found online, as well as the latest members' Show-n-Tell!!! ---

Quiltalongs / Offers:   
Note that some of these are more traditional than modern, but many of us have traditional roots and still enjoy the occasional quilt project in that style :*)

Quiltville Sew-in-Place Quiltalong – Bonnie Hunter – “Unity”
Starts tomorrow!  Along similar lines to Bonnie’s famous yearly Mysteries, this quiltalong will feature a medallion setting with clues every Monday for about 9 weeks.  Instead of the design being a complete mystery until the reveal at the end, you will see the quilt emerge as you add each week’s blocks.  Click HERE to find out the details.

Laundry Basket Quilts – Edyta Sitar
Edyta is releasing a new block every day for her Mystery Quilt 2020.  She is already at Block 10 today, but you can find a link to all the previous clues on the blog page and catch up fairly easily.  This one is turning out very pretty!!!  Click HERE for details.

Quilt in progress by Laundry Basket Quilts

Bluprint is offering FREE unlimited classes – every class – until April 9!  Click HERE for details.

Ellen Lindner – Adventure Quilter - Free eBook for her most popular project/technique. It's available through April 30th.  Just click this link and then click the purchase button. It will show up as $0.00. Continue "purchasing" and your confirmation will include a download link at the bottom of the page.

Members' Show-n-Tell:

Ellen Apte as usual has some beautiful projects underway...

Diane Krebs has been very busy indeed - pumping out FIVE backpacks for our Friendship Trays Kids project - and how CUTE are these?????

Teresa Raleigh started a new project from her overflowing Kits bucket - 

What are you working on?  

Be sure to share with us - we all need the eye candy and encouragement!!!
Just send your photos to
We are posting twice a week and hope to include your photo next!

Be careful, Stay Safe, and Sew Joyfully!!!!




  1. Such a pretty seahorse! Lots of great projects here!