Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sari Bari

Thursday night one of our guests, Beth, shared her inspiring story about the organization Sari Bari.  Beth is a member of Blue Flax Quilters, a group of women that has made 2 quilts for this organization.  The quilts will be auctioned beginning on Monday, October 1 as part of the Sari Bari annual auction. 

Here is an excerpt from the Sari Bari website:

"Sari Bari is a safe place of employment where women who have been exploited in the sex trade or who are vulnerable to trafficking can experience a new life in the making. The name "Sari Bari" comes from two symbols. A sari is the traditional clothing worn by women in India. In India, a sari represents the essence of womanhood. The word bari mean "house or home" in the Bengali language."

To learn more about Beth's group and the Sari Bari organization please visit the links below:

Blue Flax Quilters

Sari Bari Auction

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  1. Thank you so much for publicizing the Sari Bari auction here. I really enjoyed visiting the meeting on Thursday night and was encouraged and inspired by your fun, spunky, creative group. Looking forward to seeing you again in October, Lord willing!