Saturday, August 22, 2015

August Meeting: Tuesday the 25th

Our next guild meeting will be this Tuesday the 25th!  We will meet at St. Gabes from 6-8pm and can't wait to see you all there! 

We will be enjoying a program called Improv with Intent. We will we have the opportunity to go home and play with the techniques we learn in order to make blocks for Quilt Con, in the MQG Quilt Con colors. This is a great opportunity to really play with modern techniques and participate in something with all of our MQG sisters (and brothers) around the country.  

Don't forget if you signed up to be a Secret Sewing Sister, please bring in your first bag this month.  Remember, you should not be spending tons of money or hours for this swap.  Just pack fun, thoughtful little treats to brighten your partner's day!  Remember to put a note with a few hints or facts about yourself in the bag each month so your Sister can have fun getting to know you and trying to guess who you are!   Partners will be revealed after the last bag is opened in October.  Make sure to give your bag to a friend to bring if you cannot make the meeting this month.  

After many requests, our swap next month will be name tags!  We will choose partners at our August meeting and the name tags will be sue in September.  If you want to be in the swap but can't make the August meeting, you can always ask a friend to put your name in the basket and draw out a partner's name for you.

I think that covers everything!  We hope to see you Tuesday! 

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