Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Inspired Mini Quilt Swap/Challenge

At our meeting last week Xandi announced our next swap/challenge.  Get INSPIRED and bring your inspiration piece to the December party!  Here is the information sheet she shared.

December Party - Sign up and bring inspiration piece (photo, picture, fabric, color, etc.)

February Meeting - Mini quilt is due

Inspired Mini Quilt Swap/Challenge

Our next swap is one I’ve seen other MQGs doing – you bring in an inspiration picture, and someone else makes you a mini quilt (any size) inspired by your prompt. Here are some possible inspiration pieces:

·       a photo you’ve taken
·       a picture from a magazine
·       a printout from of your favorite Monet
·       a picture your kid drew
·       a piece of fabric
·       a color palate
·       photos of the décor in the room where it will hang when done

…or something else. Your partner isn’t COPYING your picture (unless they just want to), they are using it as a jumping off point.

This one takes some thought, so you have a long time. Bring in your picture and this form on DEC 12TH. The mini quilt we be due FEB 27th. That’s 2.5 months.

Judging? I have a little fabric prize -would you like this to be a judged challenge? We would be looking at the favorite interpretation of the inspiration piece, not at your quilting skills. If not it can be a raffle for participation. Vote below, majority rules. And don’t not participate because you are afraid you will be judged – you can always say you do not want to be considered when you show your quilt.


Name ___________________________________________________

Email ____________________________________________________

I’d like this to be a judged challenge ______
I don’t want this to be a judged challenge ______

Ideas for future swaps:

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